Mihee  Jeong



I am an illustrator and author of children's picture book 'Red Beach Adventure' published in March 2023.

Currently I am working on self-reflective illustration collection 'Miyao Project' and the second children's picture book.

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Author and illustrator: Mihee Jeong

Sale Price:  NZD 19.99

ISBN: 978-0-473-66909-6

Target age:  3 - 10 years old

Paperback / 30 pages / 260mm X 210mm


Red Boy loves playing in Red Beach. While he is digging  a big  hole in the middle of Red Beach, he finds a giant red pipe with shiny golden light leaking through. 

This curious boy is  stepping  into the pipe. As further he is walking into, the air is getting hotter and the golden furs between his toes are growing faster.

And the fabulous adventure starts from here to the places unknown of giving, sharing and transforming.

<above: several illustrations from the book 'Red Beach Adventure'>

" Have you seen colorful shells hanging on Pohutukawa tree 

in Red Beach, New Zealand? 

It is time to unfold Red Boy's swelling journey behind these shells."

'Red Beach Adventure' story was created during my child's bed time, with an inspiration from Ethan, Red Beach and Bible.

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My illustrations

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Miyao Project 

Miyao - Cat with Rose

Miyao - Waiting

Remain tight in a bud

waiting to bloom.

Miyao - Avocado Lady

Miyao - Study Mode

Miyao - Pretty Day

Miyao - Darling British Blue

Miyao - Beautiful Night

Miyao - Gone to surfing

You can't stop the waves, 

but you can learn how to surf.

Miyao - Run to Sun

Are you feeling cold?  Run to Sun.

My sun is Lord Jesus, run with me.